Waterhouse Gardens


Nestled in the heart of the city, a transformative new residential development is poised to rejuvenate the landscape and breathe new life into a historic location that was once an old brewery. This mixed-use scheme, artfully spread across five distinctive buildings, including an impressive 26-storey tower, is set to redefine urban living and enrich the local community with 556 new homes.

This renowned development promises to be a catalyst for positive change, not only by revitalising a historic site but by creating a dynamic and thriving urban community. It offers a vision of urban living that marries the past with the present, history with innovation, and heritage with modernity, making it a symbol of progress and transformation within the city.

Once home to the iconic Boddingtons Brewery, Waterhouse Gardens is situated within a short walking distance of the city's vibrant Northern Quarter. It seamlessly connects residents to the cultural pulse and urban energy that Manchester's city center offers, further propelling Manchester forward into a new era of urban living.




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Positioned within an inviting walking distance from Manchester's vibrant city center, this exciting development promises an unparalleled urban living experience. Here, the pulse of the city is just a leisurely stroll away, putting an array of amenities, attractions, and cultural hotspots within effortless reach.


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