Celebrating Victory: Salboy Triumphs in a Thrilling Domis World Cup!

May 2024

In the heart of competitive spirit and passion for the beautiful game, the Domis World Cup unfolded its thrilling saga on Friday, May 3rd 2024. Ten formidable teams clashed on the field, showcasing their skills, determination, and teamwork in pursuit of glory. And amidst the fervor of the tournament, one team emerged as the ultimate victor – Salboy!

Salboy, with their unwavering grit and stellar performance, clinched the championship title in a hard-fought battle. Displaying exemplary teamwork, skillful tactics, and sheer determination, they outshone their opponents and etched their name in the annals of Domis World Cup history.

As champions of the Domis World Cup, Salboy now sets their sights on an even grander stage – the prestigious Man City Corporate Cup!

Scheduled for Friday, May 31st, this esteemed tournament will see Salboy vying for supremacy against other corporate giants, aiming to extend their winning streak and cement their status as football legends.

Photographer: Mark Waugh

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